Sunday, August 2, 2009

Retirement is for suckers! Mason back with Ravens

I guess retirement isn't what it used to be. For many athletes it means the end of a career, sometimes long and other times shortened by injuries, but meant you were done. These days it seems like a synonym for "vacation" in the sports world. A term that is used abruptly and seemingly without reason. Its almost like the athlete wakes up says to themselves "Ya know, I'm kinda tired. A little sore. Maybe I should retire. Yep, sounds good. Honey, let's go to the beach!!"

Derrick Mason became the most recent inductee into the Un-Retirement Cub and rejoined the Baltimore Ravens at training camp at McDaniels College on Saturday. The decision to come back ended his two week retirement.

It seems he made a rash and emotional decision to retire just a week or so after his good friend and former teammate Steve McNair was murdered. Other factors could have also played a role in his decison to retire also. The Ravens had not been very willing to rework his contract for the coming season and had hinted at holding out. Mason was quoted as saying he still has an "intense fire" to play and feels like he isn't finished yet. Hopefully he was able to get that beach trip out of his system. Sometimes you just have to get away I guess.

This comes as good news for the Ravens who were in desperate need of a number one receiver for the coming season. Mason's sudden retirement left a huge hole in the Ravens receiving corps. Ed Reed was probably the best receiver they had on the roster and he plays safety.

There were some talks about trying to trade for the Denver Broncos' Brandon Marshall, who is unhappy with his situation in Denver, before Mason came out of retirement. The Ravens should still be pursuing some kind of trade considering Mason is 35 and will be out of gas in a couple of years and Marshall gives them a long term threat at the position.

Welcome back Derrick! I hope retirement was good to you and they don't take back your AARP card. You get pretty good discounts from what I hear.

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