Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ups and Downs - Week 4

Week 4 Ups

Brett Favre

Yeah, as you all probably know by now - I love me some Favre - almost enough to run out and buy some Wrangler jeans and a farm right now. Although after all the comments and puppy dog eyes he was making when he mentioned Favre I think John Gruden likes Favre waaay more than I do. Brett played a heck of a game against his old team and showed many of us he can still throw the rock at 40 years old. Favre's 271 yards and 3 TDs (and 0 Ints which is impressive for Brett) kept the Vikings a perfect 4-0 this season.

Rashard Mendenhall

I would just like to say I was on this guy's bandwagon at the beginning of the year and actually drafted him in a couple of fantasy leagues, so I'm not late to the party on this one. It looks like the tough love Coach Tomlin showed Mendenhall in week 3 really hit home when he ran all over the Chargers on Sunday night for 165 yards and 2 TDs. He needed to have a big game to remind the Steelers why they spent a first round pick on him two years ago. With a few more games like that - and Willie Parker not getting the tough yards and staying injured- he could find himself as the featured back in Pittsburgh.

Steve Smith

So, which Steve Smith is "the other" Steve Smith now? New York Giants' Steve Smith has been on fire so far this season which is the exact opposite of his namesake in Carolina. I figured Eli Manning would have to throw to someone, but I didn't know he would find a sole mate so early in the season. Granted some of the defenses he has torched haven't been the leagues best he should have plenty of practice catching the magic bean and scoring TDs by then. If this guy is still available in your fantasy league grab him while you can. You will thank yourself later.

Week 4 Downs

Tony Romo

Week 1 Tony Romo looked like a football god throwing all over the place against the Bucs...then reality set in and has apparently stuck for the last three weeks. Romo followed up a horrible week 2 with a mediocre week 3 and week 4 wasn't much better. With a 67.1 Qb rating, 0 TDs and 1 Int in week 4 there is much to be desired from Anthony Romo. Yeah, I'm just going to call him Anthony until he is cool enough, or makes his reads, to be Tony again. I think he misses TO more than he wants to admit.

Steven Jackson

Poor SJax. An incredible talent almost wasted on such a terrible team. It's tough enough to be a running back in the NFL and even harder when the opposing team knows you are the only legitimate offensive threat on the Rams' roster. He has been getting his carries, but not much for yards and he has 0 TDs on the season. It's not his fault he hasn't exploded yet. It's hard to break off a run with 9 guys on your back.

Roddy White

Ok, so I know he was on bye last week but I'm a little behind. Mr. White goes out last season, blows up, gets paid like the "#1" receiver he says he is in the off season, and then decides to take a vacation on the field every week. I wish that series of events summed up my last calendar year. Roddy White has 15 receptions and 119 yards and 1 TD through three games this season. By comparison, Mr. Smith mentioned above has had two games where he has more than 100 yards in a single game. It's time to find that 2008 swagger you had.

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