Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Favre Yet to Decide on Return

Will he or won't he? The now seemingly age old question of whether Brett Favre will return to the NFL for another season still remains to be answered.

Let me put this out there - I like Brett Favre (and I've never been a Packers fan). I don't really care if he robbed a bank, stole someone's identity, or threw a baby for a touchdown - I will still like Brett Favre. But if he decides not to come back this year I will be pretty dissapointed. Not because I really want him to come back to see him play one last year or that I think he adds that missing element to the Vikings to make them a real contender in the NFC, but because the Vikings have invested too much of their time and energy into Favre for him not to return this year.

If he decides not to return this year all the work he has put in, and his surgery, will be all for nothing. The Vikings trainers and coaches that visited Favre in Mississippi this summer that took time away from players that are actually on their roster to go tend to a guy they hope will join their team will be all for nothing.

If Favre decides not to come back this year it will be a selfish decision of a great quarterback. He owes at least one season to the Vikings after all their hard work getting him ready for the season and waiting on him to give a definite answer.

It may take a little while for those faithful Vikings fans to get used to their former Green and Gold wearing nemesis throwing the rock for their team, but they will come around. Favre will put fans in the seats and (a healthy Favre) will put points and wins in the box scores. The Vikings have everything to gain and everything to lose in one decision. Don't let them down Brett.


  1. Hope his surgery has something to go through. Let's just wait how Brett going to handle this situation.

  2. To good to see that your favorite player will play again with the sports you really love to watched. Hope that Brett will come up with the right decision.