Saturday, July 11, 2009

Witness Protection - Nike takes Dunk Tape

WHAT?!! LeBron dunked on? Posterized? I'll believe it when I see it.

It seems that I will have to go on believing that LeBron was't posterized on a dunk at his Skills Academy by Xavier University's Jordan Crawford because a Nike rep confiscated the video tapes. I mean, if you don't see the tape, it never happened, right?

I guess it was embarassing for the MVP of the National Basketball League to get dunked on two-handed by a college kid from a Mid-Major, but I think LeBron and Nike have gotten themselves into a bigger mess than if the tape had made its way to YouTube or even SportsCenter.

Now not only did LeBron (allegedly, but for real) get dunked on, but now he looks like a baby for having the tape confiscated. Add this to his walking off the court ordeal during the NBA finals and it looks like King James might not be as mature as his basketball skills would have us believe.

This whole incident could have been easily laughed off afterwards in front of a news camera or two, or saying that this kid has some real skills but instead LeBron looks a little immature and Nike looks like the CIA for taking the tape. Too bad those Men in Black memory erasers aren't real, huh Nike?

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  1. The issue about has been a talked in NBA. Yeah, really bad for MIB who took the wrong one.