Monday, December 7, 2009

Really, Pittsburgh?

Really, Pittsburgh? The Raiders? Really? What's going on?

In Sunday's game against the Raiders the Steelers gave up the W and 21 points in the 4th quarter at Heinz Field extending the Steelers losing streak to four games which includes a loss to the sub-par Kansas City Chiefs a couple of weeks ago.

Now the Steelers are outside looking in at the AFC playoff hunt. They need to win the rest of their games AND other teams have to lose in order for the reigning champs to have a chance at making the post season. Maybe we will see Coach Tomlin at the Tuesday press conference doing his best impression of Jim Mora's "Playoffs?!?" presser. At least then Coors Light will have another good commercial down the road.

I know Polamalu has been hurt most of the season, but that's really no excuse. Yes, he is an impact player but at some point one of the other 10 regular defensive starters have to step up and fill his ball-hawking shoes. Tyrone Carter has played well while Polamalu has been out, but the defense lacks the big play ability it has with him in the secondary.

Other injuries have not helped the team either. Big Ben's concussion likely cost the Steelers a W against the Ravens a week ago though third stringer Dennis Dixon played as well as could be expected in his first NFL start. Defensive linemen Aaron Smith has been out and it looks like starters William Gay (concussion) and Hines Ward (hamstring) are questionable this week against the Cleveland Browns.

I want to see the Steelers get back on track as a fan, but the prospects of a repeat are very slim to none at this point. The AFC is a tough conference every year and 10-6 just isn't good enough these days. They should be able to pull out a win against the Browns this week and stop their skid, but I said that against the Chiefs and the Raiders - I guess that's why they play the game.

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