Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Same Story, New Year

And so it begins, again.

Vikings coach Brad Childress made the journey down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi this past Sunday to check in on Ol' Number 4 and his rickety ankle. By Favre's accounts his ankle is not where he would like it to be in the healing process but if this off-season plays out like last season - and so far it looks like it will - we will see Favre back for his 20th NFL season.

Last off-season (and this off-season) went something like this

Favre waffling on his return just like in the Sears commercial, then having necessary surgery to return for another season, playing some pitch and catch with high school kids in Mississippi, and Brad Childress dropping by to check in on his 40 year old gunslinger. And for the grand finale Brett showed up at Vikings camp whenever he felt like it and took the starting job from the guys that had been there all summer.

It’s only a matter of time. Welcome back Brett.

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