Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Winners, Just Whiners

Chris Paul seems to have added himself to the list of NBA divas who are demanding to play with another superstar in order to contend for a title. ESPN and Yahoo are reporting he is demanding a trade to the Knicks, Magic, or Lakers. Chris Paul still has two years left on his current contract.

This new “Super Team” era in the NBA is bad for the league. The more super teams the NBA has the worse the competition is going to be. No one wants to watch a game, in person or on TV, that they know is going to be a blowout. I’m not going to watch a Lakers vs. Grizzlies game – we all know how that game is going to turn out. The lack of competition will lead to the loss of revenue for the teams and for the league.

Recently Hall of Famers Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson have publicly stated that they would not have pulled a LeBron and called up all the other superstars during their era to play on the same team to compete for a championship. That’s just now how the NBA used to work. It was about the competition and the challenge of beating your rivals, not teaming up with them.

What happened to getting up early, eating your Wheaties, and working harder than the other guy to win a title? It sounds like working hard turned into clubbing till 4am, sipping a drink on the beach, and let the other guy win you a ring.

In order to be the man, you have to beat the man - not join his team.

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